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The Next 150 Years

Not sure it is politically correct to make a wish on Canada’s birthday, but if I did make one, my hope for the next 150 years is that horse and all animal training becomes more aware of the animal’s intelligence and treats them as the sentient beings they are.

Another thought re: wishes and hopes is that one should be careful what one puts out to the universe. I am happy to report that this was going to be my year to decide the future of how my training was going to proceed. Was I going to put myself out there more and hope the world was ready? Or just play at home in my own little world?

Well, it seems that perhaps the tipping point is starting to happen. I’ve given five clinics in different parts of the country this year so far and interest for more this fall and I may even get to Australia and Europe next year! Wow!

I also want to get my online course up and running, but boy does it take a lot of time to get videos…I’m working on it though. Stay tuned, but it won’t be till fall at best guess for the first module! I really need to clone myself! Here is a sneak peek, but be sure to check out the website proper.

I’m also so pleased to have many virtual coaching lessons happening and the main focus of those is driving which I love to do.

Here is a little video of Eggo my mini who I started at four months old with my Equispeak program and he is turning out to be quite a little superstar!

I’m also so happy to have a fabulous summer intern who is helping me see things through a dog trainer’s eyes. So cool. Here is a little video showing her influence on the work. Many people would like to be able to build some distance in their work and I have done it several ways, but Nita thought I should give this a try.

I loving sharing ideas with Nita, love the in-depth technical discussions that really make me dissect the why and hows. And I love helping her on her horse journey – diving into uncharted waters for some of the things she wants to try. You can follow her on Sentient Equine on Facebook.

My trip to the Far East!

Well far east Canada…Newfoundland was a great success with lots of great folks and LOBSTER!!

In three days, everyone managed to teach a lovely loop of behaviour. It helped that all the horses were already familiar with the work but still it was a great accomplishment. We even got a couple of folks up and riding and playing with rein mechanics!

Looks like haying will start soon and the crop looks like a good one. I hope you are all managing to spend a few moments enjoying your wonderful equines and developing the relationship you both want.

Until next time keep it positive!

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