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Monty Gwynne is a highly experienced horse trainer specializing in liberty horse training, groundwork exercises for horses, and clicker training horses.

Monty Gwynne

 B.Sc Agriculture, B.Ed.

About Me

I was born and raised in Banff, Alberta Canada, I have a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and a Bachelor of Education. I train and board horses in Cochran, Alberta.

I got my first horse, Pet, when I was 10 and I started developing my toolbox at an early age.  Even though I was not from a horse family and everyone said it was just a passing fancy, several decades later it is still my passion.


For several years I taught Junior High and trained horses at the same time. After getting married and starting a family I stayed home and focused my career on training horses for clients full-time. We grow and sell hay on our farm where I have a few select boarders, all of them train with positive reinforcement.

I've never looked back


My Training Background

50 Years of professional horse training

As a professional trainer I have trained numerous breeds of horses in various disciplines: volteige, trick riding, jumping, reining, driving, dressage and gaited horses. This gave me a varied background to draw upon to solve training problems.  I stood two TWH stallions at stud and did all the breeding, training and showing for over 10 years.


My TWH mare, My Chocolate Lady, was High Point - Three Gaited Horse in Alberta three years in a row and retired the trophy.  I was fortunate to be coach for team Quarter Horse and also team Tennessee Walking Horse at Spruce Meadow's "Battle of the Breeds.”


Canada's Only TCTT Coach

Over twenty years ago, I followed Alexandra Kurland clinics because I wanted to find a softer way to train. Alex invented the moniker “The Click That Teaches” and that lead me to be Canada's only TCTT Coach. 

She helped me to discover the tools to train horses in high school dressage in a unique and engaging  way that resonated both with me and the horses.  Alexandra Kurland's clicker work, balance work, her knowledge of classical in-hand has allowed me training based on proven scientific methods, using positive reinforcement to teach horses anything they are emotionally and physically capable of learning!  I will always be grateful to her for that start but I know I like my students to take my work and make it even better, to make it their own and that is what I have done with my Equispeak program.

As a writer

As a subject matter expert, I have written clicker training articles for the magazine Saddle Up, and I recently have started writing for Horse Canada. My articles can be found on the Blog section of the website.

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My Services

I am pleased to offer my services to the horse community in order to promote the use of scientifically proven positive reinforcement training methods. 


If you have been struggling to communicate with your horse or are simply seeking a compassionate and dynamic method of engaging with your equine companion.


I offer:

Behaviour analysis and modification

Clinics away and home

Video assessment

Online coaching

Lessons with my Schoolmasters

Lessons with horses, donkeys and mules

Horse Training For The 21st Century

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