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2020 A year to work on your vision

Sorry but couldn't resist the vision comment but I do mean it! What better incentive than the association of 2020 and getting to your vision of what kind of relationship and play you want with your equine?

In that light I would like to encourage you to attend one of this year's clinics or design your own intensive clinic with me here at the Ranch and learn with my school masters!

So far the following clinics are in the works with more home clinics to be added once all my away dates are settled.

April 17-19 Starts us off with a joint clinic with a great trainer Peggy Hogan and myself doing a three day clinic in California that will focus on movement - how to get it through shaping and how to apply this to bio-mechanically correct movement to help our horses and us remain sound for as long as possible. Geared to both riding and non-riding equines. You will get to play with Peggy's amazing minis and her two big horses.

please contact myself through the website to get more info on this clinic. Not too many spots left - auditor and participant spots still avail but going fast.

May 23-24 with free Friday night lecture/demo- I'll be back in the Ottawa Ontario area for a clinic mid May. for now please contact me for more information as host's email is changing. This will be the forth or fifth year for this clinic and is usually held twice a year - spring and fall. Both beginner and more advanced lessons will be covered depending on participants and interests.

June 19-21 - Next come the Toronto/Pickering Ontario clinic - this clinic always has a waiting list so don't delay if you want to attend this one. There will be a dedicated beginner day on the Friday and then a more in-depth clinic on the weekend. people are encouraged to attend/participate in both as it is a great opportunity to see where the work can take you. contact Kendra at

July 17-19 - Hoping to organize the second annual - Mini Clicker Expo here at the Ranch. For those of you who attended last year we hope to see you again. Bigger and better things planned with a slightly different format so stay tuned but save the dates!

That's all for now folks. If you are interested in getting started on your vision I'm always available for video coaching and there is lots you can play with in a small space too for our lovely winters!

I hope to see you all this year and hope to help everyone to see better in many different ways! Keep it positive.

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