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In The Land of Ponyfairy

I sure hope all of you have been enjoying this great fall weather and getting out riding while we can. I will admit my blog is a little late because this is exactly what I have been doing!

One of the ladies, Heather, who came to my summer intensive clinic wrote a fabulous blog about it so I thought I’d best get writing about the clinic and take the opportunity to share her impressions of the clinic with you!

It was six intense days of horse play. I had only four students for most of the clinic and it was amazing. It was so wonderful to be able to share the knowledge my fabulous schoolmaster, clicker super stars with other like-minded people. All these ladies were familiar with Alexandra Kurland’s program and were also in her online course so they knew how to speak their language.

The look on the students’ faces was priceless. They’d never experienced a horse saying to them ‘just follow my lead in the dance and I’ll look after you’. They got to experience what a light horse felt like, what shoulder in and haunches in work in-hand was and even got to experience a pony ride on a horse that was actually round and stepping under.

The value of schoolmaster cannot be underestimated in being able to allow them to feel the advanced version of what you are working on and recognize it in their own horses. The reports of the progress they have sent since the clinic is fabulous to see and the confidence they have has grown so much. Such fun!

It was a great treat for me too to teach people who are truly vested in the work that I do and who had a background in the work so that we could do more of the advanced work. There were some specific things they wanted to work on as well and being that it was a small group we were easily able to address everyone’s desires.

The days flew by as all days spent deep in horse time tend to do. I can hardly wait until next year and my next intensive clinic here in the land of the Ponyfairy. If you are interested in attending please drop me a line so I can keep you in the loop. ou might want to put it on your Christmas wish list!

Here is the link to Heather’s blog. I hope you enjoy her take on the clinic and all the fabulous pictures.

Until next time keep it positive!

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