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Catching Up With The Pony Fairy

As the old saying goes, ‘Time flies when you are having fun’. Well not all of these past few months have been fun, a lot has for sure, but it has sure flown by.

Valor’s leg injury was looking good and then suddenly the stitches blew and it opened up again and along with it came proud flesh. With the help of my homeopathy course and diligent wrapping it is looking great now. A bit thicker than his other leg, but healed and sound. Clicker work certainly helps make his doctoring for those many weeks much easier on the both of us.

He is anxious to get in his play time now that I no longer need to doctor his leg, so we have begun continuing his education and making him safe before we make him fancy, but for a two-year-old, he sure knows a lot of things. Different things than a lot of two-year-olds and we will take our time to get him ready through groundwork exercises to allow his body to fully develop and learn to move in balance before any attempts are made to get on him, as I’d like him to remain sound his whole long life. The classical in-hand work was originally used for suppling and balance and it produced lovely carriage and development so that is the route we will be following with minor additions of course!

‘U’ is coming along nicely too and starting to figure out life as a real ‘run around outside up hills and play in the mud’ kinda horse. I think he is starting to like it too. He has a buddy he lives with and has finally figured out mutual grooming and even get a bit bossy at times, which is definitely a change. ‘U’ now nickers to all the folks who come out and he is usually rewarded with a treat so getting him engaged with people again has also come along nicely. This was further demonstrated in a clinic I had here in August but more on that in the upcoming clinic report with loads of pictures.

I don’t know about the weather in your part of the world, but here it was just weird. Hot and dry so all the crops were sparse and short, but it was the only year I can remember ever where we could cut hay one day and it was ready to bale the next…that part was nice! But the yield sure wasn’t.

Some teasers for the next few blogs…clinic reports from this summer including the one that people from Europe and Australia attended, one on a new student of mine who is 80 years young and an inspiration to us all and a bit on the clicker expo coming in 2016 that will feature several horse focused presentations.

So stay tuned…

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