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Deworming Prep: Part 2

I was surprised not to get any comments on the video in last week’s post. It caused quite a stir on Facebook! Maybe everyone is too busy staying warm or shopping to comment?

So, I thought it would be great to give you the chance to see two well done but different approaches to worming using positive reinforcement. Both these videos are from good trainers and I’m pleased that they let me share these with you.

The first one is from Peggy Hogan who is in the States and does a lot of work with minis. Her training is done with pure shaping of behaviours. Here is her method to teach a horse to accept worming. As you can see, it is a bit different that what I described but it seems to work so try it if it appeals to you. You will notice that in her method she does not click right away, but waits till the behaviour is a bit more predictable.

The next one is from Amanda Martin, who is also a Click That Teaches Coach for Alexandra Kurlund. Her approach is slightly different but which is better will all depend on your horse and yourself and which you both find easier and more reinforcing.

I’d like to hear back from folks who try these, and also if you try them and have some issues still please don’t hesitate to write in and ask for help.

Compare these two approaches to the one in this video that is a more common approach.

Or how about this approach? I hope this is not quite so common an approach.

You decide which looks like more fun and is safer and more successful for everyone concerned.

Until next time keep it positive.

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