A Busy Year So Far

It is so fabulous to see the interest in positive reinforcement training for horses getting more popular! My two clinics in Ontario this year were fabulous and one even had a waiting list. How cool is that! Here are some pictures from those clinics. They were great fun and I look forward to returning in the fall ( the one clinic is already full for the intermediate two days but still room in the intro clinic day - contact Kendra) . The date for the other Ontario clinic is still to be decided but be sure to drop me a message if you are interested and I'll put you in touch with the organizer.

Pictures from Ottawa Clinic - thanks to Ellie OReilly for these great pictures of everyone.

Playing with Equispeak letter 'Fc'

A great group of ladies!

How to get off the pedestal - using targeting

Some horses love getting even bigger..lol.

Starting the cue transfer to the rein after shaping the lateral flexion with Equispeak letter 'Tf"

Working on mechanics before adding the horse, a very important step.