Last Blog of 2013

I can’t believe another year has come and gone. Time really is going faster, or maybe it just gets faster as you get older.

Yet another reason to clicker train. When I am with my horses, I am living in the moment and time seems just loses all importance. I can let all the cares and worries, all the thoughts buzzing about my brain, fade into the peaceful silence. I treasure these moments and the feelings. Clicker training can change your belief system: it penetrates into all areas of your life and makes you examine all your interactions horse and human.

I hope in 2014, the Year of the Horse, that more people can come to experience the fabulous relationship that I have with my horses. I also hope that we will reach the so called tipping point for clicker training, so that it becomes the accepted way to teach animals of all kinds. There is an Olympic hopeful show jumper causing quite a buzz on Facebook these days. His name is Luca Maria Monetas and here is a link to an interview with him.

While he is not a clicker trainer he is certainly a breath of fresh air and if nothing else he is opening the general public’s eyes to another way to train and be successful too.

I look forward to continuing my blog here in the New Year and have been asked by Horse Canada magazine to write articles for the magazine. Look for my first article on how clicker training can help make your horse your farrier’s favorite horse!

May 2014 be POSITIVELY wonderful for each one of you.

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