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Hi I'm from Sweden, I live in Keady, Co Armagh in Northern Ireland just on the border. We have 7 horses between us in the family. My first boy is called Speedy, he's a Standardbred ex trotter which I trained for riding and we used to go show jumping when we both were younger. He's 23 now and the only riding we do now is some hacking out as we both enjoy that. My other horse is called Euphoria, she's an Irish sports horse, bred for show jumping and she's 3 now I've had her for 1.5 years. She is a true challenge, she never really liked tactile interactions, gets very easily frustrated and speaks her mind very loudly so it's a challenge for me to keep it clear and calm for her to avoid tantrums ;-). Speedy is a so called cross-over horse while Euphoria's training has been clicker/positive reinforcement since we took her home in December 2020.

I've done the traditional horse training since I was a child. My first pony was a 3 year old, non schooled pony which I learned a lot from. I have done show jumping, eventing and vaulting throughout the years. I went from traditional riding and training looking for something else when I started to ride Speedy as he wasn't any "normal" riding horse. We tried Sally Swift "centred riding" then moved on to NHS and then PNH (Parelli). And I found some good things in everything I looked into but I didn't find NHS/PNH to be very natural and eventually I started to be interested in clicker training back in 2012 and I went to a clinic with Shawna Karrasch and hosted one with her as well in 2013. I didn't do much at all with Speedy over several years and then when the lockdown started in March 2020, I got back to doing things with him again and decided to get another horse and that's when I decided to go full out +R which is challenging as well as it's great to see the horses enjoying the learning. I've always used treats and not so much force but still it's such a change and I have to retrain my brain a lot of times.