"Thinking of your horse as behaving badly disposes you to think of punishment. Thinking of your horse as struggling to handle something difficult encourages you to help him through his distress."- The Concordia Connection

February 9, 2017

I thought it was finally time to write about my clinic in Denman Island that happened last year! It is almost time for this year’s clinic and there is one spot left for anyone interested. Definitely one of the best times of my year, so why don’t you join us and find out what I mean!

At this clinic we all get to play with Cynthia’s fabulous donkeys. Now we usually get some horse folk who come but are skeptical about how working with a donkey can compare to working with a horse. They are small and so should be easy. Well it doesn’t take long for the donkeys to first win them over because they are so cute, but it also doesn’t take long for them to find out that they are stronger and much more particular about their training. The people come away with a new appreciation and a better set of skills then a lot of peo...

June 24, 2015

Well as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men…

I had great intentions to get out several blogs, but as they also say…life happens. My two-year-old, Valor, managed to get a hind leg hung up in the wire fence. Luckily, he is the kind of horse who is easy going and has had some work with his legs re: giving to pressure, so when we found him he was quietly laying on the ground, wire wrapped around his hind leg.

We cut the wire and unwrapped it and got him up. He wasn’t even lame on it, but it would need stitches so a call was put into the vet…after hours of course!

The vet was impressed by his calm behaviour and acceptance of all the procedures and needles. Yet another testament to clicker training!

Hubby was there to help with the changing of dressings for a couple days, but then was called away for work so...

July 10, 2014

When you live every day with clicker trained horses you often forget just how easy it makes all the day-to-day and emergency procedures that you may find yourself needing to do. So, I wanted to share a short video of myself and another one of Alexandra Kurland’s instructors that Alex produced to help spread the word about clicker training.

This video shows just how easy it is to doctor clicker trained horses. If there is a behaviour you would like to see clicker trained, feel free to post the question here and I’ll do my best to show you how to do it.

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