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The focus of my journey is now on trying to help reach the tipping point in positive, scientific based horse training. To bring science into the work, and training out of the dark ages. Having seen the joy that positive reinforcement training brings to both partners in the horse - human relationship over the past 17 or so years, there is no going back...


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"Thinking of your horse as behaving badly disposes you to think of punishment. Thinking of your horse as struggling to handle something difficult encourages you to help him through his distress."- The Concordia Connection

September 25, 2014

I wanted to share Alexandra Kurland’s reply to a recent question posted in the online course forum here, as it says so many things that people new to clicker training need to know, and there was no point in writing my own version as she writes so much more eloquently!

There are several parts. This week is part one. Enjoy!

This post is about a recent conversation on safety and how to manage a horse who was getting excited and kicking out when he was being turned out. What I’m adding is more general philosophy rather than what-to-do recipe.

Keys to the Kingdom

Where to begin and what to add to the conversation? That’s always the question. So I think I’ll begin at the beginning – both of the course and of my own training journey.

I know when people are first joining the course, they are eager to get going. That firs...

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