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  • In the first video we show you some different mats,why I like them and where they can be used to help with other behaviors.

  • Video 2 talks more about how to get started.

  • Video 3 shows how to start using multiple mats

  • Video 4 shows training with multiple mats from a different view point to help you understand dfd (dynamic food delivery), luring, and targeting if needed and how to use these techniques.In this video we are still building 'mats are good to stand on' part of the behavior so most of the reinforcement takes place on the mat. But we must also balance this with can you come off the mat to repeat the behavior cycle. 

  • Video 5 shows building a mat draw using one mat to build a mat draw. Often times I'll play with three mats as shown in the other videos to begin with and then switch to one mat to get more reps of 'go to the mat' part of the behavior reinforced versus the stay on the mat I emphasis in the three mat version.


  • Video 6 shows the one mat training from a top down perspective to help you see your position and the food delivery mechanics. I try not to move my feet any more than needed in the beginning and try to use my DFD (dynamic food delivery) to help the horse get to /from the mat. This will show me if the horse is truly understanding the behavior that is being reinforced or simply following my body.

  • Video 7 Once my mat draw is good I need to start to fade my following to the mat. I can then start to add some distance between me and the mat. And get it on a cue (but that is another module). I still need to reinforce the mat so I will feed a few times on it as well. 

  • Videos 8 and 9 Once my mat draw is solid I can play with building stationary behaviors or capture a different part of the cycle and get forward movement. There are many advanced behaviors that start by using the mat. Stay tuned for future units on these!